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Press Brake Repair Information

The Brake Mill is a patented milling machine specifically designed to repair worn press brakes. We can repair your press brakes in your own shop, with little or no down time and for only a small fraction of what you would pay for a new machine. The Brake Mill has been in business for over 30 years and has repaired over 2000 machines. We are very proud of our work and our reputation. We do only one thing and we do it well.

Does your Press Brake need repair?

The critical feature of a press brake is the condition of the ram and bed. Even with normal machine use, the ram and bed become worn and damaged. The primary wear mode for a press brake is the displacement of metal along the die bearing surfaces of the ram and bed caused by the thousands of cycles the machine sees during use. Overloading actually deforms the ram/ bed member, causing irregularities and variations in the gap (see diagram on home page). Operators then experience difficulty setting up jobs and holding tolerances. Job time and rejection rates increase; quality, productivity and customer satisfaction decrease.

Operating a press brake that is in poor condition not only shortens the useful life of the machine, it results in top and bottom die damage as well. A worn press brake does not support dies properly and requires excessive shimming/ tonnage in operation. Excessive tonnage further accelerates the deterioration of the machine and the dies in the machine.

Why not continue shimming?

Excessive shimming results in uneven load transfer from the dies to the ram and bed. And, because it’s so time consuming, shimming is rarely done properly. Most dies are damaged by overloading, not through wear. The savings in die costs alone can pay the cost of your press brake repair.

The Brake Mill service is convenient and inexpensive.

The portable Brake Mill is brought to your location,and remills the bed and ram straight and parallel or with crown. This equipment is specially designed and developed for remilling press brakes.


  • The Brake Mill has extensive experience in the field of press brake remilling. Our operators maintain the skills and techniques required to properly remill your machine.
  • Our operators will work extended hours/ weekends to minimize the time your brakes are down for repair – at no extra charge.
  • There is only one reason to have press brakes in your shop (or any other equipment) – to make profits. Profits will vary with productivity and production is dependent on the condition of your equipment. A press brake in poor condition will require longer set-up times and more set-up pieces. Greater operator skill is needed. Die life will be shortened. Rejections and scrap increase. Just a little of this can actually remove all profitability from your bending operations.

So, before you spend all that money to replace your worn brakes with new units that are basically the same designs, why not have us remill it? Sound sensible? Call us for a Free Brochure and a Free quote!